Good Reads: 11/4/19

Some jerk abandoned a dog in Kaufman Lake


But here’s the good news! The pup is now safe at the U of I vet clinic.

(Tim Mitchell / News-Gazette)

Illini basketball season has started

The exhibition on Friday night was pretty good, despite Lewis shooting over 70% from three for the entire first half. Kofi didn’t rip the hoop off of the backboard but it’s a long season I guess. Ayo didn’t look great but it’s a long season I guess.

Here’s a great re-cap from the News-Gazette.

Here are some highlights

Two words, four letters


(Jessica Hammie / Smile Politely)

Blowing the Whistle on Corporate Fraud

(Illinois Public Media)

This one backfired on Rodney

Philo man ready for a throwdown at Punkin Chunkin championships

Posting for the headline.

(Dave Hinton / News-Gazette)

Romanchuk Wins Men’s Wheelchair Division At NYC Marathon

From 217 to infinity.

(The Associated Press + Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media)

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha we’re gonna make a bowl*


Snow Kirby has melted

RIP Snirby 🙁 from r/UIUC

He popped up on the quad and stole our hearts. Pour one out for the loss of a real C-U legend.