Champaign Is Also A Band

One Songwriter, One Song.

Champaign Is Also A Band is a Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music.

In each episode, Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.

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Episode 90 – Larry Gates of Curb Service – ”Take It From Me” Champaign Is Also A Band

Sven sits down with Larry Gates II (He/Him) to talk about his song "Take It From Me," what the CU music scene needs, and his favorite non-musical thing. SONG: Take It From Me ALBUM: Single BANDS: Worm/Starlight & Yuk. The Goody Patch, Satiiva, Lorenzo Goetz, The Jezebelly, Curb Service. DJ LEGTWO Favorite treat:  Sparkling water and a pear  
  1. Episode 90 – Larry Gates of Curb Service – ”Take It From Me”
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