Good Reads: 4/7/20

Today’s COVID-19 Update

Interactive info available here via C-U Public Health.

If at first your bad take does not succeed, try whipping it out during a global pandemic

Republicans from the state’s more rural areas are starting up their Chicago secession rhetoric again. It’s essentially intrastate xenophobia, but we’ve known that every time this argument comes up every two years or so.

I guess that means I have to keep posting this study from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute that shows how much money rural areas get back for every tax dollar spent. Below are the quick numbers:

Central Illinois: $1.87

Southern Illinois: $2.81(!)

Cook County: $0.90

(Logan Jaffe + Duaa Eldeib / ProPublica Illinois)

Everything about this is wild

Tigers can get COVID-19. But furthermore, veterinarians from the University of Illinois helped to rapidly identify the illness in these big cats.

The Illini won a couple of national championships last night

Simulations and Twitter polls are our guiding lights now. What a time. Are these victories due to random chance and a huge, thirsty Twitter fan base? Definitely. Don’t care.

Here are some good grocery shopping guidelines, because this is reality now

The 200 Level dropped a new episode today

Mike’s been doing a good job of mixing real life and sports talk right now – this has helped keep my sanity lately. Would recommend:

This entire saga is enough to make your head spin

On one hand, the clearest path out of this pandemic is widespread testing. We need it, and it will have to happen eventually.

On the other, this doctor just went rogue and seems to revel in defying public health, which is bad.

Update: the tests are happening as of this afternoon.

(Debra Pressey / News-Gazette)

Illinois’ COVID-19 totals have fallen below projections

If you need some optimism, the University of Washington’s COVID-19 model, which is used by the White House and is recognized as the most popular and robust model of the pandemic, predicted 82 deaths in Illinois yesterday (4/6).

The actual number of deaths was 33, which is still within the range of the model, but much closer to the low end than the high end.

There are some discrepancies between the numbers in the model and the numbers released by IDPH, though. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Things are getting weird down in Alton

These pictures of campus in 1899 are fun

UIUC: University of Illinois ca. 1899 looking South from roughly where Grainger Library sits today. 

Blago is back – now with a mask-making tutorial

Someone made an eco-sphere from Boneyard Creek water

So quarantine is going well.

Made an ecosphere from water from the Boneyard Creek today. Already able to see some interesting stuff. from r/UIUC

Here are two vastly different songs, idk why, maybe you’ll like them

Our healthcare workers are heroes. Please don’t forget that when this is all over.