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The 200 Level

The 200 Level with Mike Carpenter is a weekly podcast focusing on Fighting Illini basketball and football.

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Illinois basketball loses freshman guard Jayden Epps to the transfer portal. Mike Carpenter reacts to the news, and discusses whether it has more to do with the current climate of college basketball, or issues within the Illini program. As the offseason unfolds, how will Brad Underwood rebuild a backcourt that lost its two top freshmen recruits?
  1. ’Epping Stone (03/28/23)
  2. Turn the Page (03/22/23)
  3. Post Mortem (03/18/23)
  4. Razor Burned (03/16/23)
  5. Selection Sunday Spectacular! (03/12/23)
  6. Third Time’s a Charm? (03/06/23)

Champaign Is Also A Band

Sven interviews different C-U musicians (past or present) each episode to talk about a favorite song they’ve written, the CU music scene, and their favorite non-musical thing.

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EP102 – James Karvites aka Apollo K – ”When September Comes” Champaign Is Also A Band

Sven chats with James Karavites (He/Him) BKA Apollo K about his song "When September Comes" SONG: When September Comes ALBUM: Single BANDS: Vinylsides, Blues Lawyer Junior Favorite treat: Orange Crush Photo credit: Gregory Karavites  
  1. EP102 – James Karvites aka Apollo K – ”When September Comes”
  2. Bonus Episode 26: Genaro Jr., JRjoos, and Matthew of Hideout
  3. Bonus Episode 25: Mousepad & WhipTRip6 of Half House Studios
  4. Episode 101 – Max and Erik of Stańczyk – ”Aeroplane”
  5. Episode 100 – Rick Valentin of Poster Children – ”He’s My Star”
  6. Episode 99 – Tessa Turner – ”Narcissist”

I Have To Ask…

Elizabeth Hess has a one-on-one sitdown with important Champaign-Urbana figures, from activists to elected officials.

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Episode 94 – Champaign City Council Member Matthew Gladney I Have To Ask…With Elizabeth Hess

Episode 94 – Champaign City Council Member Matthew Gladney by Elizabeth Hess
  1. Episode 94 – Champaign City Council Member Matthew Gladney
  2. Episode 93 – Champaign Mayor Deb Frank Feinen
  3. Episode 92: Champaign City Council Candidate Kathy Shannon
  4. Episode 91: Mentor, Volunteer Coordinator at Champaign Centennial, Lori Rogers
  5. Episode 90: Champaign County Sheriff Dustin D. Heuerman
  6. Episode 89: Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons