The 200 Level with Mike Carpenter

The 200 Level with Mike Carpenter is a mutiple-times-weekly podcast focusing on Fighting Illini basketball and football, and featuring a variety of guests.

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What Now? (01/18/21) The 200 Level with Mike Carpenter

After a disappointing week, Mike Carpenter tries to pick up the pieces with Illini basketball. What will it take to turn things around? How much of these issues start at the top with Brad Underwood? Oh, and some good news – past Illini teams that have overcome rough starts to Big Ten play.
  1. What Now? (01/18/21)
  2. Too Liddell, Too Late (01/16/21)
  3. Ask Carp Anything #2 (01/14/21)
  4. Husker D'oh! (01/12/21)
  5. Terrapain (01/10/21)
  6. Whoa (01/07/21)
  7. McCrazy Hart (01/05/21)
  8. Boiling Point (01/02/21)
  9. Auld Lang Sigh (12/31/20)
  10. Run It Back (12/29/20)