The 200 Level

The 200 Level with Mike Carpenter is a weekly podcast focusing on Fighting Illini basketball and football.

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Where to Go From Here (10/25/20) The 200 Level with Mike Carpenter

Mike Carpenter attempts to pick up the pieces after the Illini get smoked at Wisconsin. After watching Illinois’ upcoming opponents look good in their Big Ten debuts, what can Lovie Smith do to turn the tide? 
  1. Where to Go From Here (10/25/20)
  2. Crap Randall (10/23/20)
  3. Friday Night Lights (10/21/20)
  4. Let the Games Begin (10/14/20)
  5. Unchained (10/09/20)
  6. You Down With MTE? (10/06/20)
  7. Sportsapalooza! (09/30/20)
  8. The Kingfisher Cometh (09/24/20)
  9. Dare to Dream: 2020 Edition (09/21/20)
  10. Third Time’s a Charm (09/16/20)