On the latest Champaign Is Also A Band, Sven sits down with Michael Skibski, musician and Vice President of Music For The Masses UIUC, about his song “I’ll Stay With You,” the student group’s plans for the future, and Champaign-Urbana’s music culture.

Stream the full chat here:

Episode 57 Jarrel Young "Doin' To Me" Champaign Is Also A Band

In this episode Sven zooms with Jarrel Young to talk about his song "Doin To Me," off the album "I'd Be Mad Too…" the CU music scene, and his two favorite non-musical things. SONG: Doin To Me ALBUM: I’d Be Mad Too… BANDS: Live band: Misfit Music Favorite Treat: Spring Water, Assorted Herbal Tea and chips, preferably plain ruffles. Photo Credit:  Boots Howard   REFS: Doin To Me [Video] H.Kal-El. THEGR8THINKAZ Hook Cowboy Monkey [Venue] RIP The Canopy Club [Venue] Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Eclipse Studios Charlie Wilson Boyz II Men Montana of 300 Luyando Boxing & Fitness    

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