On the latest Champaign Is Also A Band, Sven chats with Kyle Lang of Easter and Special Death about his track “Remember,” house venues in Champaign-Urbana, and some of Kyle’s favorite non-musical things.

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Episode 59 – Kyle Lang of Special Death "Remember" Champaign Is Also A Band

Sven zooms with Kyle Lang of Special Death about his song "Remember" off of his self-titled EP: "Special Death" We talk about the reissue on vinyl of Easter's "Demonstration" EP on Beloved Records, favorite house venues in CU, and Kyle's favorite non-muisical thing(s). SONG: Remember ALBUM: Special Death BANDS: Pontow, Well Read Devils, Nunpuncher, Easter, Adult Books, The Tyrants, Need, Special Death Favorite Treat: Chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips Photo Credit:  Josh Karlson   REFS: NNAMDÏ ThrashKitten Ratboys Sean Neumann (EP5) Jupiter Styles Terror House [Venue] Error House [Venue] Dan Aykroyd's House [Venue] Dumb Records Weekend Nachos [Band] Wabeano Rock Farm [Band] Sweettooth [Band] Belleville, IL Easter [Band] Beloved Records "Demonstration EP" Oak Forest, IL Garfield's Garden [Venue] Rat King Records Dude Ranch [Venue]

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