Sven sits down with Jason Finkelman about his piece “Bereavement,” the album Kuroshio, how to find inspiration in everyday things, and what makes a good music community.

Read more about Jason in his Smile Politely interview.

Stream the full conversation here:

Episode 97 – Jason Finkleman of Kuroshio – ”Bereavement” Champaign Is Also A Band

Sven chats with Jason Finkelman (He/Him) of Kuroshio about the piece "bereavement" off of their self-titled album, improvising by meditating on a concept, building community with the Improvisers Exchange, and his favorite non-musical thing. SONG: bereavement ALBUM: Kuroshio BANDS/GROUPS: Kuroshio, Improvisers Exchange, Bourema “Ibrahim” Ouedraogo and Jason Finkelman, Sea of Stars, Music for Dance, SUNSAT IV, IO Mining Core, Ferrocene3, Nu Orbit Ensemble NYC: Straylight Past member Zécca Bom, Bailalai, Tree Thump Favorite treat : hot / iced tea, Turkish Coffee, seltzer and fruit juice blends… Photo credit: Natalie Fiol

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