Kevin Miller, aka DJ Belly, joins Sven on Champaign Is Also A Band for a chat about his new (unreleased) track “Don’t Lie,” his favorite video game soundtracks, C-U’s music scene, the pandemic, and much more.

Stream the full conversation here:

Episode 63 – Kevin Miller AKA DJ Belly "Don't Lie" Champaign Is Also A Band

It's a return to the Blue Box Studio! Sven and DJ Belly are both vaccinated so the first interview in the studio in over a year is here!  Sven chats with about his unreleased song "Don't Lie" over some croissants and iced coffee from Flying Machine Avionics.  Hear about writing music in a snow storm, surviving during a pandemic, and which video game has the best soundtrack…. SONG: Don’t Lie ALBUM: Unreleased BANDS: DJ Belly Favorite Treat: Iced Coffee/Butter Croissant Photo Credit:  Kelsey Jamerson Refs Massive Attack [Band] Portishead [Band] SPLICE R&B [Genre] 2-Step Garage [Genre] Reggaeton [Genre] House [Genre] DAW – Digital Audio Workstation Dubstep [Genre] Trap [Genre] Synthwave/Retrowave [Genre] Spaceballs Michael Winslow [Video of Spaceballs: "bleeps…sweeps"] Radiohead [Band] Tom Yorke The Canopy Club [Venue] NOLA's Rock Bar [Venue] The Iron Post [Venue] Exile On Main St. [Venue/Record Store] Th Brass Rail [Venue] Bentley's Pub [Venue] Pour Bros. Craft Taproom [Venue] Cowboy Monkey [Venue] Highdive [Venue] Sipyard [Venue] Radio Maria [Venue] Bacaro Marry Ann's Diner Swords Raiders of the Lost Ark Raiders of the Lost Ark Soundtrack DJ Bozak Spinnerty DJ Mertz Boltini Old School Hip-Hop [Genre] Dubstep Massacre EDM [Genre] Indie Rock [Genre] Folk [Genre] Mike 'N Molly's [Venue] Salsa [Genre] Reggae [Genre] Baile Funk (Funk carioca) [Genre] M.I.A. Valheim Minecraft Grand Theft Auto Discord Flying Lotus Classic Rock [Genre] Viking Battle Music [Spotify Playlist] MF DOOM Second Life Travis Scott Fortnite Travis Scott on Fortnite [Video] WaveXR The Glitch Mob Rose Bowl Tavern [Venue]

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