Champaign Is Also A Band: Dexter Anodyne (of Greenhouse Opera)

On Today’s CIAB, Sven chats with Dexter Anondyne of Springfield-based Greenhouse Opera about their son “Brink of Summer,” Springfield’s local music scene, and her favorite non-musical thing.

Stream the whole chat here:

Episode 48 Dexter Anodyne of Greenhouse Opera -“Brink of Summer” Champaign Is Also A Band

CW: Mentions misogyny, r*pe, abuse, assault, and people being shitty humans.Sven zooms with Dexter Anodyne, a musician in Springfield, IL.  Hear the question that Sven is glad he asked, Dexter’s favorite venue in Springfield, and her favorite non-musical things. SONG: Brink of Summer ALBUM: Weeping Venus BANDS: Greenhouse Opera FAVORITE TREAT: Sushi Photo Credit: Dexter Anodyne REFS: Synthesizer Psychedelic Music Tool [Band] Radiohead [Band] Aesthetic(s) Nirvana Heaven Björk Guðmundsdóttir [Musician] Beatles [Band] Looping Buzz Bomb Brewing Company [Venue] Vincent Sebastian [Musician] Interference [Album] Ricki Marvel [Musician] Intersectionality Intersectional Feminism Blacksheep Cafe [Venue] Dumb Records [Venue] Bermuda Triangle [Band] Twitch YouTube Facebook Influencer  Bandcamp Springfield, IL Peoria, IL Elitism Australian Shepard Lady Gaga  

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