On Today’s CIAB, Sven chats with Dexter Anondyne of Springfield-based Greenhouse Opera about their son “Brink of Summer,” Springfield’s local music scene, and her favorite non-musical thing.

Stream the whole chat here:

Episode 53 Michael Skibski – “I'll Stay With You” Champaign Is Also A Band

In this episode Sven zooms with Mike Skibski, Vice President of Music for the Masses UIUC. We talk about his song "I'll Stay With You," Music for the Masses, and planning for the future. SONG: I’ll Stay With You [Spotify Link] ALBUM: I’ll Stay With You BANDS: Solo Favorite Treat: Blueberry Acai Green Tea and Dark Chocolate Hershey's Kisses Photo Credit: Jackson Skibski Refs Music For the Masses UIUC Ukelele Tremolo Metaphor Shotgun Microphones [Video] Vance Joy RSO [Registered Student Organization] UIUC Union The Canopy Club Introversion Singer-songwriter Midwest Emo [Genre] Math Rock [Genre] String Harmonics Tapping Bottom Bracket [Band] Rat King Records [Label] Information Systems Entrepreneurship        

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