On the latest Champaign Is Also A Band, Sven sits down with C-U-based artist Cara Maurizi of Linea Crux for a chat about their track “Twist and Turn” of of their album Stronghold, what Linea Crux means, and maybe even Cara’s favorite color.

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Episode 58 Cara Maurizi of Linea Crux "Twist and Turn" Champaign Is Also A Band

Sven zooms with Cara Maurizi of Linea Crux to talk about her song "Twist & Turn" off of the album "Stronghold." We talk about working in the studio to bring new life to her songs, where the name "Linea Crux came from, and maybe even what her favorite color is… SONG: Twist & Turn ALBUM: Stronghold BANDS: Linea Crux, Backup singer with Slick Lisp, and Modern Drugs Favorite Treat: All baked goods, Espresso, Coffee Tea, whiskey, wine, and really good beer Photo Credit:  Della Perrone REFS: Ryan Groff (EP35) Perennial Sound Studio Audio Compression EQ (Equalization) [Video] Brian Wilson Wall of Sound Linnea (Flower) Moons of Neptune Opera Highdive [RIP] Seven Saints Mike n' Molly's Pour Bros. Craft Taproom Champaign Elsinore Brandon T. Washington Mike Ingram Ci La Cole (EP46) New Souls Tera Terra [Band] (EP41) Milford Men [Band] (EP35) Modern Drugs [Band] (EP35) Galesburg, IL Prairie Players The Station Theatre Parkland Theater CUTC Pens to Lens The Double Machine Taste of Champaign West Side Park Greycoats [Band] Common Loon [Band] Color Theory "Use What You Have Decorating" [Book]

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