On the latest Champaign Is Also A Band, Sven sits down with Blair, aka lovenloops, to chat about her song “Black Girl Levitation (ft. Nikky Finney),” the evolution of Black Girl Genius Week, and much more.

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Episode 56 Blair aka lovenloops – "Black Girl Levitation" Champaign Is Also A Band

SONG TEMPORARILY REMOVED (SAMPLES) Sven zooms with Blair aka lovenloops to talk about her song "Black Girl Levitation (ft. Nikky Finney)" off the album Don't Ever Forget It. We talk about SOLHOT "We Levitate," the first Black Girl Genius Week in 2014, how it's grown and hopes for the future. SONG: Black Girl Levitation ALBUM: Don’t Ever Forget It BANDS: SOLHOT We Levitate (Saving Our Lives Hear our Truths) Favorite Treat: bourbon whiskey/sugar cookies  Photo by: Kamari Smalls REFS: SOLHOT Nikky Finney Black Girl Genius Week Hip Hop [Genre] Funk [Genre] Jazz [Genre] Lo-Fi [Genre] Dr. Ruth Nichole Brown The World Is Round [Book] Syracuse University College of William & Mary Hassaan Mackey J Dilla Madlib Roland SP-404 Beat Machine Black Feminism Mother Nature Klevah TRUTH Hear Our Truths: The Creative Potential of Black Girlhood [Book] Dissertation Dr. Porshé Garner Jessica L. Robinson Imposter Syndrome Pygmalion June Jordan [Author] Gwendolyn Brooks "Spin a Soft Black Song" Nikki Giovanni [Author] Recipe for 7-UP Lemon Pound Cake (not Blair's recipe)  

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