The Oxford English Dictionary defines terrorism as: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

What happened yesterday at the United States Capitol was terrorism. It fits the definition like a sadistic glove. The attack on American democracy was not only unlawful and violent, but also explicitly political. It was fanned by some loud voices, and appeased by countless more.

One of these loud voices, who has sought to undermine her own election (?), is newly-elected GOP Representative Mary Miller (IL-15, which nearly surrounds Champaign-Urbana), who had a particularly cringeworthy first week on the hill.

Here’s some context on what she’s been up to since winning John Shimkus’ seat in November:

She’s all in on the conspiracy theories. Makes Rodney look good in comparison. Woof.

Ok, now for the big week part. First, this happened on Tuesday:

Capitol Fax had a really good post that provides much more context and input from journalists, but uh…this is bad. A 3rd grader could tell you this is bad. I’d bet Mary Miller knows this is bad. How did something like that even make it into the speech? Who signed off on this?

But that was just Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a violent coup attempt was made on the US Capitol. A coup that was inspired by the sycophantic rhetoric and baseless claims of people who should know better, like Mary Miller, as evidenced above. It’s globally embarrassing that lawmakers, who are are trusted with the privilege of representing citizens, would encourage this.

But what is perhaps most telling of all is that Miller has still said nothing of substance. Well, I guess not nothing. She posted this (below) to her Facebook. She also posted a couple of tepid tweets. Check out the ratios on those.

It’s profoundly embarrassing that anyone has to type this in the year of our lord 2021:

Hitler wasn’t right about anything, and fanning the flames of a politically-motivated terrorist coup is bad. From a lawmaker especially, these things are unthinkable.

Mary Miller should resign.