Til it’s backwards. The blog got banned from Facebook (try to share a link, see what happens) until October 6th. Normally this wouldn’t surprise me…on Twitter…but that hasn’t even happened yet.

This one’s got me stumped, folks. Maybe it’s because I pointed out that the Mayor financially supports Rodney Davis? But that’s public info?

Fuck if I know.


Anyway, I can’t post anything there, so if you depend on Facebook for your Good Reads, might I suggest following the blog on Twitter? Or you can check the site. I try to have them up by ~9:30 am.

Might make #FreeShowers t-shirts.

‘Why do you need a gun?’

Read this. Then read it again.

(Mary Schenk / News-Gazette)

Illini football will play Michigan at 11 am on ABC in two weeks

National network TV is cool. The morning slot is…our element. The bad news is that Michigan blanked Rutgers 52-0. That’s our barometer for how well we’ll stack up, now. Rutgers.

Senator Bennett Says Education In Illinois Prisons Is ‘Inadequate’

And he’s right.

(Lee V. Gaines / Illinois Public Media)

Surge in college student voters may impact 2020 election

Can’t imagine this is great news for a political party that opposes change.

(Phillip Zelditch / Daily Illini)

The Athletic ran not one, but two pieces of Illini content this weekend

This is unprecedented. Anyway, we have a legitimate shot at a top-three Big Ten finish which is almost unfathomable to me, and I imagine many other fans.

BUT I can’t remember feeling this optimistic about an Illini team since…Brandon Paul’s senior year? I can’t remember.

If you’re subscribed, you can read both pieces here:

State of the Hoops Program: Illinois in great position for breakthrough season

Revealing the official unofficial Big Ten basketball media poll, plus my picks for 2019-20

Listen to the latest I Have To Ask…

In this week’s episode, Elizabeth chats with radio-host-turned-teacher-turned-podcast host Mike Carpenter of The 200 Level, also a member of the Champaign Showers Podcast Network.

How’s that for meta? Mike offered a good quote about the network and what we’re trying to accomplish:

“Whether or not everything that Champaign Showers tweets out I 100% agree with is completely irrelevant to me. They’re doing something different. We’re doing something different. 

It’s really just trying to establish alternative ways that people can consume media. If there’s a frustration I have with this community, it’s that there are ways things are done with local media outlets I’m thinking are the most tired, boring thing. There are so many things that are entrenched in this community that it needs the occasional wake-up call or changing of the narrative. Otherwise it can just be droll and boring. I’m tired of boring media and I’m glad to be part of something that says ‘we’re going to tick you off, we’re going to ruffle some feathers, but too bad.’”

‘CU Fresh Start’ Aims To Intervene Before People Enter Criminal Justice System For Gun-Related Crimes

(Christine Herman / Illinois Public Media)

The Flo Rida show got cancelled

Weird spate of cancellations coming out of State Farm Center this weekend.

At least we’ll always have “My House”:

I’d Be Mad Too: Jarrel Young’s Latest Work Shines Bright

(Andrew Howie / News-Gazette)