Good Reads: 9/3/19

Best team ever?

  • Brandon Peters looked like a real quarterback. Not terribly mobile but could scamper if he needed to. Smart at picking up first downs and not making mistakes.
  • Akron is bad.
  • Akron’s mascot is good.
  • The road to the College Football Playoff is more alive than ever.
  • We didn’t all instantaneously lose all morality because they sold beer at the stadium.
  • We play UConn next week. By all accounts, they’re also very bad.
  • Here are some Twitter takes from the game:
Meme from Reddit

Listen to a discussion of the Akron game on the newest episode of The 200 Level

(Mike Carpenter / The 200 Level)

U Of I Police Investigating Report Of Noose Found In Student Dorm Elevator

This should make you very angry.

(Christine Herman / Illinois Public Media)

Get a load of this sign from yesterday’s Labor Day Parade in Urbana

Would like the record to reflect that “drunkedness” is not a word by any measure.

The News-Gazette files for bankruptcy, sold to Community Media Group

I’ll be the first person to take issue with something that batshit Editorial Board writes. What’s also important here is local media as a whole, and the fact that it is quickly drying up. No one covers C-U like the Gazette is able to. Lack of local ownership has me concerned about the future.

‘Nearly Every District Is Looking For Teachers’: Teacher Shortage Still A Struggle In Illinois

Maybe if we payed teachers a respectable wage, we wouldn’t have this problem. Hmm.

(Lee V. Gaines / Illinois Public Media)

Champaign MC Gatson is back with “Draft Day Prelude”

(Gavin Good / Smile Politely)

CU dispensaries plan for legal marijuana

(Samantha Boyle / Daily Illini)

High school football: Not C-U’s finest export