Wait a minute

Yesterday I posted about how the City of Champaign made a proclamation for LGBTQ+ Pride Week this week, which was really neat and had me proud of my town.

Then I thought about it for a second, and saw that our Mayor had read the proclamation at this week’s City Council meeting, which struck me as ironic at best, and maliciously disingenuous at worst.

Here’s why, in four pictures:

The City’s proclamation on the whole is good, make no mistake, but it’s important to remember that it’s also just words – albeit important and necessary ones.

The donations, on the other hand, are financial support of someone in a position of power who does not share these values – in fact, he explicitly opposes them. We don’t have increased LGBTQ+ rights because of Rodney Davis – we have them despite Rodney Davis.

Should the Mayor get to take credit for these seemingly-hollow proclamations while also donating to Rodney? Money speaks louder than words.

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