Good Reads: 8/28/19

I can’t stop thinking about this picture

Maybe it’s the fictionally full student section holding up a slogan of a desperate athletic deparment.

Maybe it’s the poor defenseless Akron Zip (wtf is a “zip”?) about to be tackled by humans.


(Illustration by Aaron Rench)

Housing authority’s outreach plan confuses, then stirs Champaign council members

(Adalberto Toledo / News-Gazette)

Spotlight On Crisis Nursery: Celebrating 35 Years Of Supporting CU Children & Families

Crisis Nursery is awesome and you should get to know them.

(Christine Herman / Illinois Public Media)

UI police officer put on leave in wake of new harassment allegations

(Julie Wurth / News-Gazette)

Don Owen Resigns From Urbana School District 116

Owen’s resignation letter, dated Aug. 26, states that “the actions of the Board of Education related to its treatment of Black and Brown students, families, teachers, administrators, and educational support staff is the primary reason for my decision.” 

(Lee V. Gaines / Illinois Public Media)

Parkland’s spring enrollment dips to 10-year low; fall figures likely to follow suit

Uh oh.

(Debra Pressey / News-Gazette)

Who are you nominating for the 2019 40 North Ace Awards?

(Debra Domal / Smile Politely)

This picture is nice

After the rain from r/UIUC