Good Reads: 8/26/19

Yesterday was quad day

Look at how beautiful the quad looked:

Quad Day 2019 from the steps of Foellinger from r/UIUC

It’s IlliniBoard Preview szn

This year’s clocks in at over 28,000 words. If you’re a masochist, this is a great way to spend your time before Saturday morning’s kickoff against Akron.

(ALionEye / Illini Board)

Listen to Gatson on the latest episode of Champaign Is Also A Band

A local rapper who has been making a name for himself lately.

UI donor associated with U.S. opioid epidemic

Uh oh.

The $80 million facility that opened last week adjacent to the University of Illinois Memorial Stadium was funded in part by the H.D. Smith Foundation of Springfield. Many of the officers of the Smith Foundation also were officers of the privately held H.D. Smith Wholesale Drug Co., a Springfield-based firm that until last year was one of the largest prescription drug wholesalers in the country.

It also was one of the largest suppliers of opioids to rural West Virginia, where, according to a Drug Enforcement Agency database disclosed by the Washington Post and the Charleston Gazette-Mail, some 853 million prescription pain bills were supplied between 2006 and 2012.

(Tom Kacich / News-Gazette)

East-Central Illinois Towns Consider Next Steps For Recreational Cannabis

(Christine Herman and Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media)

C-U Jewish group pushes Davis to condemn Trump over comments

(Paul Wood / News-Gazette)