Here’s a cool breakdown of C-U’s international population

Neat if you’re not a xenophobe.

(Jeff D’Alessio / News-Gazette)


How I feel going to the gym for the first time since the undergraduates have come back. from r/UIUC

The “Orange Course”: An in-depth review

I live for this.

For those who enjoy Champaign-Urbana media, get to know Tom Ackerman. Do it now. Do it swiftly. He’s a local treasure and his writing is prolific. I’m not being sarcastic. He easily puts out the most hilarious written work in town.

Here, he reviews a local miniature golf course, hole-by-hole. Legend.

(Tom Ackerman / Smile Politely)

Who’ll stay, go with Illini men’s basketball still a mystery

The University of Illinois has a very cool and totally stable basketball program.

(Scott Richey / News-Gazette)

Construction has historically all-female UI dorm complex going coed for first time

There’s a joke in here somewhere but I won’t be the one to make it.

(Julie Wurth / News-Gazette)

Here’s a neat video explaining how Urbana spends its property taxes

The road to the National Championship starts on August 31st

Poor lil Veoride

A lost veoride waits its turn to cross from r/UIUC

Immigrant Tenants Can Sue Illinois Landlords Under New State Law

(Sam Dunklau / Illinois Public Media)

Baby boy born in OSF Urbana parking lot

Hell yeah.

(Kenya Ramírez / WAND)

CS hit 1k likes on Facebook yesterday

Thanks for reading. Here’s a song that encapsulates how the blog works:

And here’s another song idk why