Frerichs Endorses Elizabeth Warren In Democratic Primary

idk who’s going to win the primary but Mike is a Champaign County product and his political rise is awesome.

(Sam Dunklau / Illinois Public Media)

Illinois Football: 2020 College Football Playoff Champions

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Straight to the top.

(Matt O’Neall / Champaign Room)

The Taste starts tonight

Noticed that perennial Taste of C-U powerhouses Papa John’s and Domino’s weren’t listed as vendors this year. Pour one out for a couple legends.

Map + schedule here.

The Reason Why Hundreds Of Books Were Removed From An Illinois Prison Library


(Lee V. Gaines / Illinois Public Media)

They can’t stop all of us

Back to School gear for storming The Morrow Plots from r/UIUC

Weekender: August 16-18

Posting this to illustrate the point that there is one (1) full-band indie rock show happening in a venue in town this weekend (at least indexed here).

It’s tonight. At the Rose Bowl. Because Downtown Urbana runs shit now, I guess.

I made a lot of people angry on Twitter yesterday in regards to this. Subtweets, ad hominems, and all (big yikes!). If that was you, pull up and let’s chop it up.

One can blame many different things for the dissolve of live music venues in Downtown Champaign – it certainly falls on multiple parties – but one thing that is very clear is that it has dissolved. That’s just facts.

(Smile Politely)


State EPA finds no signs of toxic algae in samples from Salt Fork

HELL yeah! Fresh water!

(Tracy Crane / News-Gazette)

It’s Friday