We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Listen to this podcast if you want to remember the good times

One Shining Podcast from The Ringer did a deep dive into Illinois’ comeback from the 2005 Elite Eight. It’s really great if you want to kill and hour and a half and remember it as vividly as any Illini fan probably does.

They got some things factually wrong, but that’s ok. They also called Champaign the worst Big Ten college town, which is categorically untrue. West Lafayette owns that crown, and it’s not really close.

Here’s the full game if you need to prepare:

And here’s the podcast:

(Featured photo by Mark Jones)

Rep. Steve King from Iowa had a doozy of a bad quote yesterday

Wonder how his buddy Rod Davis feels about it:

If this makes you as angry as it should, Rod will actually show his face in Champaign next Monday (8/19) at Parkland.

Doors open at 5 so get there at 4:30 and let’s fuckin go babyyyyyyyyy.

Cowboy Monkey ripped out the stage and PA during remodel

Essentially the nail in the coffin for the Downtown Champaign music scene. Pour one out for a real one.

Applicants for new Bristol Place houses vastly outnumber available properties

We need affordable housing and we need it now.

(Debra Pressey / News-Gazette)

I leave town for three goddamn days and Illini football loses their 2nd best recruit to a knee injury

Every. Damn. Year.

(Jeremy Werner / Illini Inquirer)

We made it

Champaign news station made it in Netflix Flat Earth documentary – visible at 2:08 from r/UIUC

‘I kept my multimillion dollar business secret’

The CEO of MalwareBytes started his company while he was a undergrad at the U of I in Computer Science. Now he’s wildly successful and probably owns multiple boats.

Anyway this is a cool feature story from the BBC.

(Joe Tidy / BBC News)