Good Reads: 7/31/19

Champaign Giordano’s abruptly closes

Papa Del’s over everything. Giordano’s can march on back to Naperville or whatever.

(Tim Mitchell / News-Gazette)

Watch The Bashful Youngens cover Beastie Boys in new video

Neat to hear Fight for Your Right with a folk twist.

Not that anyone asked, but here’s my personal favorite cover of this song. RIP MCA til it’s backwards.

(Patrick Singer / Smile Politely)

Farming Is Headed Toward A Gene-Editing Revolution, And Hoping The Public Comes Along, Too

(Madelyn Beck / Illinois Public Media)

You can bet on who the Illinois starting quarterback will be

Gambling markets will never cease to amaze me.

Listen to the latest Illini Inquirer podcast if you like the feeling of pain

New Law Aims To Prevent Toxic Coal Ash Contamination Of Illinois Waterways

(Jim Meadows and Christine Herman / Illinois Public Media)

CU Public Health Receives National Recognition For Facilitating Community Partnerships

Remember that measles outbreak in town? It was handled well, apparently (I’m guessing). Nice!

Vaccinate your children.

(Christine Herman / Illinois Public Media)


Illinois spent the second most on men’s basketball recruiting and 24th in terms of football spending, among the schools examined. However, the Fighting Illini haven’t made the NCAA Tournament since 2013 and they haven’t played in a bowl game since 2014. In light of their recent financial investments on the recruiting trail, you have to ask when will the wins finally come?”

(Andy Wittry / Stadium)

Just look at that skyline would ya

we love a good scott park pic from r/UIUC