Good Reads: 7/3/19

Champaign district puts CFO on indefinite administrative leave

y i k e s.

(Lyndsay Jones / News-Gazette)

“I’m gonna drive to Indiana instead of paying Illinois’ new gas tax” is the new wave

And it’s a bad one, folks:

The gas tax isn’t that bad, but furthermore, heaven forbid people feel inclined to drive around less and bike/walk around more.

Every year at this time I remember that C-U hosts a pretty big, vaguely-Christian rock festival

And every year I am surprised.

Big weekend if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, I guess.

(Nicole Lanphier / Smile Politely)

Danville officials pick site for potential casino; request for proposals sent today

It’s time.

(Noelle McGee / News-Gazette)

Who Is (And Isn’t) Representing America’s Farmers In Congress

(Madelyn Beck / Illinois Public Media)

Happy 4th of July

This should be the new national anthem:

Forecast for the Fourth: Wet, hot and humid

It’s swamp szn.

(Ethan Simmons / News-Gazette)

Niala Boodhoo will be leaving The 21st

And she will be missed.

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Here’s a good interview (podcast?) with Giorgi

He’s a nice fella.

(Scott Richey / News-Gazette)

Program to Elevate Literacy in Champaign Schools Seeks Book Donations, Volunteers