Champaign made an appearance in The Daily Wire, and it’s truly bizarre

Got tipped on this via a Twitter DM last night and I still don’t know what to make of it.

The Wire is Ben Shapiro’s mouthpiece, and the article is written by a clear and obvious Islamophobe (he works for a site called “Islamist Watch” ffs) who is clearly seeking to evoke fear from readers.

Take from that what you will. There’s too much to unpack here for me to crack some glib joke. More on this after I have time to wrap my head around it.

(Sam Westrop / The Daily Wire)

Champaign council OKs 2 percent increase in food-and-beverage tax

(Adalberto Toledo / News-Gazette)

You can send in questions for Rodney Davis to (probably insufficiently) answer on Monday night

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(Bob Asmussen / News-Gazette)

Reports Highlight Problems with Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services

(Steph Whiteside / Illinois Public Media)

The Land Connection has added WIC and Senior FMNP benefits to the Champaign Market

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Pritzker signs two bills aimed at protecting immigrant children

(Peter Hancock / News-Gazette)

Hell yeah, Carol.

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