IMC to Urbana council: New rules causing us to be ‘regulated out of existence’

The City of Urbana has imposed stiff new regulations (shocking, I know) on the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center. So much so that IMC advocates fear that the center may cease to exist if the regulations are enforced.

Music venues in C-U have shut down with regularity over the past few years, but the IMC is one that has remained, and in doing so, become a de facto center of DIY scenes spanning many genres, in addition to its many other community-serving initiatives. Now, one of the final remaining bastions of the C-U music culture is under fire:

The city’s new guidelines for the IMC said all events open to the public there would be required to apply for a special-event permit 45 days in advance, pay a $100 processing fee if the event is not produced by the IMC — which is more than double the $40-an-hour fee that the IMC charges — and submit a security plan.

“The IMC leadership was shocked by the lack of communication and collaboration from the city of Urbana, where we hold trusted relationships, as well as an unbelievably all-encompassing net the city was casting,” Medina said.

Something of note: the IMC has also become a hub for hip-hop shows lately, booking local acts that other spaces in town refuse to. Hopefully I’m wrong, but this reads as a somewhat veiled attempt to curb hip-hop in C-U, which comes around every few years. It feels eerily familiar.

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