Another day, another article asking why there are so many apartments

idk why this has to keep being said but I’ll type it yet again:

The University of Illinois announced a goal to increase C-U’s population to a quarter of a million by 2030. The University typically gets what it wants. These people need to live somewhere. It’s cheaper to build now than it will be to build then. It’s a sound investment. If the University hadn’t have made that declaration, many of the new housing projects would not have been started.

Can we please stop having this conversation? I’m tired.

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Hell yeah, Paxton

File that under “three words I never thought I’d type together”

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Consumers, distributors gear up for gas, cigarette tax hikes

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Some good C-U rap music came out this weekend/last week

This doesn’t happen often. Rejoice.

Trouble Chasin’ 2:

New Grady and LJ:

Fourth of July in Champaign-Urbana: What is Open, What is Closed


PrideFest 2019 will be September 27-29

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UI professor who sued over gender-based wage discrimination gets back pay, raise

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Lol at this whole thing

Here’s an extensive Reddit thread about the housing debates happening in Champaign

Champaign Mayor & City Council don’t care about the struggles of minorities from r/UIUC

Things got a little stormy yesterday

But this picture is cool:

The storm today looming over the town. Taken from a mile or two south of Urbana. from r/UIUC