Champaign vs. Urbana is heating up

First, Champaign points out how Urbana gives 1/10th as much money to the county’s tourism bureau. Then, Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin responds in the News-Gazette. Then, the City of Urbana announces an attempt at a one-time open-container downtown drinking area on Saturday, something that the City of Champaign just got off the ground last month.

Are these things innocuous? Absolutely. Do they mean that our two beloved towns are fighting with each other? Probably not. Is there probably a little pettiness involved here? Maybe a touch.

Anyway, see you in downtown Urbana on Saturday.

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Smile Politely interviewed Rodney Davis

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A dense read, but worth your time.

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Campustown street shut down after golf cart hits natural-gas valve

Big fan of this headline.

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Former U of I Prof Joy Harjo Becomes First Native American U.S. Poet Laureate

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Here’s a really thoughtful opinion column from Jim Dey

Just kidding; it’s bad.

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Champaign Plan Commission OKs rezoning In-Town neighborhood properties

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