It’s Illini Football preview day at The Athletic

It’s nice of a national sports outlet to devote a little longform to every team in every power five conference in the country. Even the worst ones.

From what I can tell, the difference between making a meaningless bowl game and not making any bowl game next year depends on two things:

1 – If the Illini can land Brandon Peters, a transfer quarterback from Michigan.

2- If Isaiah Williams blows us all away from the jump.


(If you can’t read the article, you can download the app and read it for free.)

(Matt Fortuna / The Athletic)

The Sun-Times took a look at Illini Basketball, also

And for once, it’s honest.

Offseason thinkpiece szn is fun.

(Joe Henrickson / Chicago Sun-Times)

Sick. Just what Downtown Champaign needed.

(Steven Pratten / Smile Politely)

Here’s a funny tile outside of the U of I’s Alumni Center

My favorite tile outside the alumni center from r/UIUC

Friday Night Live gets open container zone again this week

Still looks like a dumpster from the sky:

This Reddit thread about C-U kinda sucks

Unpopular takes about UIUC? from r/UIUC

A view from above: MCORE construction on UI campus

(Anthony Zilis / News-Gazette)

You can go see Hugh Hefner’s typewriter at the U of I library


(Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media)