The News-Gazette‘s Editorial Board advocated for the 18th Amendment in a column today

Widely recognized as one of the largest failures in American history. Seems reasonable. (/s)

Apartment Construction In Champaign-Urbana Continues To Rise, But At What Cost?

I don’t know why it’s so surprising to locals that all of these apartment buildings are being built. The U of I explicitly said they wanted to grow the population of C-U to 250,000 by 2030 based mostly off of increased enrollment.

Developers are just getting ready for that surge. Plus construction costs are cheaper than they will be in 10 years, making building now a reasonable investment.

(Anna Casey / Illinois Public Media)

Rest in Peace, former Taffies building

A restaurant named “Taffies” is inherently unappealing. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.


Deadline Day For Legislating — Time Running Out On Marijuana, Gambling, Infrastructure, Budget …

(Brian Mackey / Illinois Public Media)

Illinois Prison Removes More Than 200 Books From Prison Library

This is bad.

(Lee Gaines / Illinois Public Media)

The Chicago Tribune sent a reporter to the Gibson City drive-in


(Ted Slowik / Chicago Tribune)

Illini Baseball starts NCAA Tournament play today at 3

Here’s a great Regional breakdown by Scott Richey:

It’s Friday

Here’s a good picture of Alma Mater from Reddit

Hailll Allllma materrrr from r/UIUC

And here’s a song:

And here’s a more relevant song: