Good Reads: 5/24/19

🚨⚠ Bad Illinois Take Alert ⚠ 🚨

Darren Bailey, who represents Illinois’ 109th district (Olney, Flora and Fairfield) is maybe the worst Illinois politician in recent memory. Today, he unloaded this doozy of a take – maybe the worst I’ve ever seen:

This is just a dogwhistle, and has no basis in actual fact, but that doesn’t seem to concern Bailey.

He’s also an avid anti-vaxxer, and is a leading sponsor of HR-101, the “Secede-From-Chicago” proposal that has been picking up some publicity lately. I mentioned it earlier this week, but it goes without saying that this bill would actively hurt downstate for no intelligible reason.

Here’s how.

The growing importance of First Street

This is a short but good urban planning read. It is worth your time.

(Andrew Dunham / Smile Politely)

Look at this Illini pooch would ya

U of I to end on-campus MBA classes

Woof. I, for one, welcome our computer overlords.

(Lynne Marek / Crain’s Chicago)

And array we go: Solar panels on UI ECE Building’s roof now providing power

Renewable energy flex.

(Julie Wurth / News-Gazette)

Local Reddit user pens ode to “Dominoes [sic] pizza man”

I love it.

To the dominoes pizza man from r/UIUC

Whoa Nelly: Was concert too loud?

Posting because of that awesome headline.

(Tom Kacich / News-Gazette)

It’s Friday

Here’s the Old Town Road video: