The child was skipping rocks at the zoo. Now a flamingo is dead.

Here’s a bizarre story picking up some national momentum. A flamingo at Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington had its leg broken when it was hit with a rock that a child threw. This lead to the bird being euthanized.

Not really sure what to make of this. RIP, flamingo friend.

(Eli Rosenberg / Washington Post)

Here’s a good Illinois thread.

Love a good Illinois thread. Click through the whole thing if you’re bad.

You can ride your bike with the Mayors tonight

If that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

The 2019-20 Virginia Theatre season to be announced on June 10th

That’s right folks – this is an announcement about an announcement.

Must have been a slow news day. Set your alarms, I guess.

(Smile Politely)

Meating In The Middle: The Challenge of Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions On Farms

(Madelyn Beck / Illinois Public Media)

Chicago slips on population but is still third-largest city in U.S. — for now

(Cecilia Reyes and Patrick O’Connell / Chicago Tribune)