Illinois loses to Indiana 92-74

It would have been good if you had taken the over. If you did, congrats.

Otherwise, it was bad.

Now, the Illini need to win on Sunday at Penn State to avoid playing on Wednesday in the Big Ten Tournament.


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Keep makin’ the 217 proud, Rodney. Stay gold. Never change.

Meyers Leonard: 3-Point Ace

For Illini fans, Meyers Leonard and “three-pointer” rarely were ever in the same thought. During his two years in Champaign-Urbana, Leonard only attempted 12 three-pointers TOTAL, making only one of them (8.3%) – against Loyola on 11/11/11.

Since going to the NBA, however, Leonard’s long game has flourished. So much so that he ranks among some of the league’s elite.

Through this morning, Meyers was second in the NBA in 3P% (with more than 100 attempts) at 46.5%, putting him above the likes of Steph Curry, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and even Kyle Korver.

The player with the worst 3P% (with more than 100 attempts)? None other than Milwaukee all-star Giannis Antetokounmpo.

So, Meyers is better than Giannis, right? That’s how this works? Go Illini.

Check the stats for yourself via Basketball Reference.

Larry the Cable Guy will not join Styx on stage in Champaign

And just like that, the weirdest concert lineup in modern Champaign-Urbana history is no more.


Illinois Public Media is hosting a gathering to discuss community violence

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Pritzker details rate structure for proposed graduated income tax

Everyone gets a cut except for those making $250,000+ a year. What’s bad about that?

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Today is Engineering Open House at the U of I

Illinois Issues: Opening Minds Behind Bars

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