Students at the U of I have made a device that translates the thoughts of dogs

I don’t know if this is a troll or not, but it will be on display at EOH this weekend in Everett Lab.

I, for one, look forward to welcoming our new canine overlords.

Champaign County Jail inmate tests positive for tuberculosis

This is terrifying

(Debra Pressey / News-Gazette)

Learn how to survive in the wilderness at Homer Lake

Ah, yes. Homer Lake. That wild, wild country.

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

This is a legitimate sick burn

Rod also voted against two bills in the House that would lengthen background checks. 90% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks. Hmm…

Champaign Central drops Sectional Semifinal to Springfield Southeast

Read Colin Likas’ recap here. See you next year. Urbana takes on Lincoln tonight at 7 pm.

Danville’s Tevin Smith lobbed it to himself

Power moves only. Smith is only a sophomore, but garnering some serious Division 1 attention. Danville will play Belleville West on Friday night.

Illinois Athletics Hall Of Fame Adds 16 All-Time Greats

Some great names on this list for the real heads out there.

(University of Illinois)

Champaign council OKs initial phase of Garden Hills drainage improvements

Proud of the Champaign council on this one. At least the councilpersons listed below:

Chad Smith, who also lives in Garden Hills, shared Revilla’s desire to move the project forward.

“The neighborhood cannot withstand 10 to 15 more years of continual flooding,” Smith said. “And unfortunately, it’s going to take a tragedy in order for you to make this a priority. With all the other projects that get so much attention, I don’t see how there’s not something we can do to move this up.”

Council members Angie Brix, Matt Gladney, Will Kyles, Greg Stock and Clarissa Fourman said they would all like for city staff to focus on finding funding in order to potentially move the project’s time frame forward.

(Adalberto Toledo / News-Gazette)