Christopher Hansen (from CorruptCU) pulled up on Champaign City Council last week and left them speechless

Watch for yourself.

This is the only bracket that matters

You can vote at the link above.

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A Fight Over Fair Housing Regulations

Read/listen then read/listen again.

(Sean Anderson / Illinois Public Media)

Early voting starts tomorrow

And it’s easier than ever thanks to our new County Clerk.

Champaign-Urbana’s questionable architectural additions

All facts in this one.

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Mayor: Liquor code needs ‘long-overdue updates’; issuing suspended

Urbana should do away with open container laws like New Orleans, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Indianapolis and the entire continent of Europe.

Alas, they won’t.

(Adalberto Toledo / News-Gazette)

Underwood dishes on what’s to come for Illini basketball

Hopefully more wins amirite.

(Scott Richey / News-Gazette)

🚨 Bad Take Alert 🚨

I’ve talked about Stevie Jay before. Today he tweeted for the first time in a while and I’m not really sure what I expected.

Illini football welcomes two transfers for Spring practice

Wow, they made it to campus – it’s real! Here’s to hoping that Luke Ford and that one guy from Alabama can make an impact. They’re (one of) our only hopes.

Speaking of Illini football, here’s a great meme:

meme from r/UIUC

Election 2019: Champaign Mayoral Candidate Cobbs Says, “We Need To Lift Everybody Up”

And also:

Election 2019: Champaign Mayor Deb Frank Feinen Makes Her Case For Reelection

WILL did some great interviews before next week’s election. Get familiar with the Champaign Mayoral candidates by listening to their interviews above.

(Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media)

There are new U of I license plates

Tight, I guess.

Is this an ad?

It sure seems like an ad.

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