U of I posts a job without pay; gets (rightfully) dragged on social media

I feel bad for the person who had to spend last night doing damage control on Twitter, but this is a pretty bad look for the University of Illinois. I’m not sure why the Human Resources department thought it was a good idea to list a job this way.

Here are the tweets for yourself:

You get the idea. Woof.

Sen. Durbin doesn’t plan to seek U.S. presidency

Who knew this was even an option?

(Tim Mitchell / News-Gazette)

Vermilion County dead last on Illinois study’s health rankings

“The 2010 budget cuts that reduced the Vermilion County Health Department from a staff of 75 to 25 remain in effect, though a few more staff members have been added over the years since then, Toole said.

The budget cuts didn’t just reduce parts of public health programs — they cut entire programs, among them sexually transmitted disease testing, a community care unit and the Healthy Moms Healthy Kids program, he said.”

(Debra Pressey / News-Gazette)

Questions for candidates: Deborah Frank Feinen for Mayor of Champaign

(Smile Politely)

Illini baseball is still good