Good Reads: 3/17/20

Watch yesterday’s COVID-19 update from C-U Public Health

If your work has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and you are now unemployed, seek information here.

If you are a direct worker on the front lines of this, first of all, you’re a fucking hero.

Second of all, United Way has set up a Relief Fund for Champaign County.

Sign up here to distribute food to those in need in your neighborhood

Every day, new numbers are released from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

They stream this on their website and on the Governor’s Facebook page, generally around 2:30 pm.

This spreadsheet shows you how you can safely and responsibly patronize local businesses, who need our help now more than ever

Thanks to Sheriff Heuerman, you can NOT be evicted during this pandemic

C-U Public Health services are switching to drive-through services

MTD is eliminating fares until further notice

ChambanaMoms has launched a brilliant, daily digest tailored towards those with children

A salute to Illinois’ seniors, who deserved so much more

I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a season end this early. As a fan, I’m sad that this ended so quickly when it was the most optimistic year in nearly a decade. But even more-so, I feel for the players who will never get to wear the orange and blue again. Here’s a great read from The Champaign Room, about what that means.

(Anthony Pasquale / The Champaign Room)

Carp did an AMA episode of The 200 Level to try to help make sense of these trying times

Stream it here:

Here’s a pick-me-up

Found this on my Facebook feed yesterday. It made me smile and tear up a little bit, I’m not sure why. I hope it makes you smile too.


We will get through this. There are too many good people in C-U that look out for each other.

Stay at home. Protect our healthcare workers. They are saints.

Good day, and good luck.