Rest in peace, weird strip mall on Green Street

It’s going to be an apartment building. Shocking.

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

New Illini signee Isaiah Williams’ weight being meticulously tracked by the WCIA sports desk

Isaiah Williams is probably too small to play quarterback successfully in the Big Ten.

This is not to say that success is impossible, but rather that it will take some pretty insane athleticism for a quarterback who can’t see over the offensive line to be effective. Maybe he has that athleticism. His recruiting ranking indicates that he does.

Anyway, fear not, because the good people at WCIA 3 sports are tracking his weight, and he’s already up 10 pounds! Don’t worry, Illini fans! Everything’s fine.

This is ultimately pretty harmless; it’s just goofy. Let the kid live.

$15 Minimum Wage Clears Senate, Heads To House

(Dana Vollmer / Illinois Public Media)

CS baited @IlliniAthletics on Twitter with a dumb Tweet

In fairness, they are, in fact, cowards for selling beer to wealthy fans and not anyone else.

They deleted their Tweet, and all of their responses to me (sad) but fear not, there are screenshots. A little condescending, aren’t they?

The Illini play Rutgers tomorrow

It’s a tradition as old as time.

It’s a showdown between two historic Big Ten powerhouses.

It features two of the best basketball teams in the country.

All of those were lies. Here’s a preview from The Champaign Room. If we win, that would mean *whispers* three wins in a row.

Tip-off: 3 pm


Illinois Issues: Tobacco 21 Plan – Puffed Up or Plausible?

Puffed Up or Plausible!!!

(Sam Dunklau / Illinois Public Media)

This photo from yesterday is neat

Foggy day at the quad from r/UIUC

Today’s the first day of Illini softball’s season

The high temperature for today is 18 degrees, so…

Update: they won.

(Jacob Rajilich / The Champaign Room)

Luke Butkus left

idk how much this really matters. The Illini also lost Strength Coach Joey Boese this morning.

(Stephen Cohn / The Champaign Room)

Pygmalion hosting AgTech panel tonight

At Cowboy Monkey from 5-8.

Proposed solar farm near Homer heads to final Champaign County Board vote

(Tim Mitchell / News-Gazette)

It’s Friday

This is James Blake.

This is T-Rell. He’s from Topeka, Kansas. He got famous from playing memorial services. His songs are good.