That’s a chonky lad, alright

And he’s kickin it by the Boneyard.

In awe at the size of this boneyard lad…. from r/UIUC

Lovie Smith hired his son as an assistant; everyone is mad

Honestly though, why not? We’re the worst power five program in recent memory, arguably. Let him hire his son, shit, I don’t care. Let’s just try to win some games. Lovie’s still a competent coach and he’s still ultimately at the helm. Hopefully.

(Jeremy Werner / 247Sports)

Willard airport executive director takes off from CU area

Only posting because of the headline pun.

(Tiara Cosby / Daily Illini)

Minimum Wage Discussions Continue In Illinois Senate

(Jaclyn Driscoll / Illinois Public Media)

Greenville University scores 200 points. But is this a classy ending?

Greenville University, a small liberal arts college in Greenville, IL., scored 200 points in a single game this week.

Some people want to claim some sort of basketball morality about it (linked above). They’re wrong. This is awesome.

Here are the highlights, sorry the quality is so bad.

(Howard Sinker / Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

The ever-evolving Campustown

This is worth your time if you’re interested in C-U history. Even in Champaign-Urbana, gentrification is real. Whether that’s a net-good or a net-bad for the community as a whole is up for debate.

(Andrew Dunham / Smile Politely)

Jordan Caroline scored 40 points last night

The Champaign native’s Nevada Wolfpack are 22-1 and ranked 6th in the country.

This is a bad local take

From the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce

What is Open, What is Closed on Presidents Day in Champaign-Urbana


It’s foggy!

Listen to Gatson on Can I Kick It tonight

He makes good music.