Sweet, sweet victory

Illinois 79 – Michigan State (#9) 74

The thing about being an Illini fan right now is that it’s an impossibly difficult task to keep interested. Just look at the sheer volume of losing that has taken the U of I’s revenue sports by storm, and you can imagine how difficult it is to purchase tickets, brave the elements, or even flip a TV channel. This fatigue grows over time.

But last night made it worth it. We treasure these wins so much more now that we’re bad. This’ll make many Illini fans’ entire weeks.

The Illini the best eight-win team in the GOD DAMN country! Ayo dropped 24 (ugh, he’s leaving isn’t he), Giorgi put on a show for his brother who is visiting from Austria, and ADONIS DE LA ROSA, of all people, had a five minute stretch of being the best player in the Big Ten.

The offense is starting to click and actually move, it’s just a shame that it happened so late in the year, when Ayo’s departure has *probably* already been determined. Seeing what him and Kofi would be able to do next year. At least Giorgi will stay, meaning the Illini will have two competent and formidable big men for the first time since Tisdale and Davis?

I also can’t wait for this team to win two games in the Big Ten Tournament and get everyone’s hopes up for a long-shot NCAA berth. At this point, I wouldn’t count it out. Such is life in Illini fandom.

Also, here’s a wild stat:

A wild stat about Illinois vs. Michigan State from r/UIUC

(Featured image from Aaron Jordan on Twitter)

Urbana 116 Officials Promise Better After Fights At UHS

(Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media)

Bruce Weber is still good

Yes, the day after a win over a top ten team probably isn’t the best time to raise this point, but it’s a point backed up by stats.

Bruce Weber’s Kansas State team beat Kansas last night.

Since Illinois fired Bruce, he has:

*Been to four NCAA tournaments in six years

*Created a .626 winning percentage

*Had Kansas State ranked nationally with consistency

*Done a great job recruiting, which has got to be harder for Kansas State (located in the middle of nowhere) than it was at Illinois.

*whispers* Illinois should have never fired Bruce Weber

I will die on this hill and I will enjoy it.

Here’s a good Illini mascot thread

This is the first tweet. Click it to view the whole thread.

Culver’s adding Urbana restaurant

Curd me up, Scotty.

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

Report: Legalizing Sports Betting In Illinois

Let’s get this money.

(Daisy Contreras / NPR Illinois)

Shammond Cooper signed his Letter of Intent

So that’s pretty neat.

Urbana drivers urged to be cautious of more potholes

What qualifies this to be a news story?


Listen to Mayor Feinen on the DWS Morning Show

The Mayor stopped by the pod this morning. It’s only eight minutes.

Parkland is hosting a free kids dental clinic on February 16th

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

This Illini football season ticket promo video is almost enough to get fans excited

It’s still going to take a little convincing.