Good Reads: 2/5/20

This Friday’s Illini game will matter. A lot.

It’s sold out. We’re good now.

Get ready with this week’s 200 Level.

Things might get a lil snowy

Punkin Chunkin might not return to Rantoul

Is nothing sacred?

“While a mechanical machine called Chunk Norris set a new world record in November for its class, crowds were down, as well as the number of pumpkin-launching machines — 23 compared to more than 100 at Punkin Chunkin’s last championship in 2016 in Delaware.”

Chunk Norris!!!

The Smithsonian made a video about Punkin Chunkin, because of course they did:

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

Bracketology 101: Five experts weigh in on Illini’s seed

This spring is going to be fun!

(Scott Richey / News-Gazette)

Scott Van Pelt will be in Champaign-Urbana on Friday for Illinois vs. Maryland

For those who don’t know, SVP hosts Sportscenter every night, and is by and large one of the least-insufferable sports personalities in popular culture.

Here’s a piece he did on Illini receiver Mike Dudek:

Republican hopefuls second Trump’s take on immigration fight


(Jim Dey / News-Gazette)

First Month Of Illinois Pot Sales Netted Nearly $40M

This article features a picture of Champaign Deputy Mayor Tom Bruno buying weed, lol.

Speaking of recreational drugs, here’s a good listen from yesterday’s 21st, as well.

(The Associated Press via Illinois Newsroom)

What You Need To Know About Coronavirus In Illinois

(The 21st)

Hear those sirens yesterday?


Sirens going sicko mode rn from r/UIUC