Good Reads: 2/4/20

The blog is back

What are the odds?

The Iowa Caucus went poorly and now everyone’s coming around

Showers called it first just saying.

Don’t forget, early voting begins Thursday

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Beware of the disinformation campaign against a fairer tax for Illinois

If someone tells you a progressive tax is bad they are likely:

1 – way too rich


2 – misinformed

(Chicago Sun-Times)

The Illini lost to Iowa

Which, if Good Reads is your sole source of news, is not surprising (the Illini were bad when this last published). Otherwise, though, it was a bummer.

Here are some highlights:

For some reason Fran McCaffrey (Iowa’s coach) was big mad afterwards:

Illinois drops one spot in AP poll


(Scott Richey / News-Gazette)

It was hot this week

What’s that all about

Illinois Census Outreach Groups Await Delayed State Funds

Not great!

(Associated Press via Illinois Newsroom)

In dash for cash, Londrigan picking up speed

I can’t be the only one who is concerned to have not seen any BDL (Betsy Dirksen-Londrigan) ads or yard signs yet.

Here’s to hoping she’s getting ready to $pend this ca$h.

(Tom Kacich / News-Gazette)

Toby Keith Tops 1st Round Of Acts For Illinois State Fair

Hahahahahahaha the State Fair is a meme in real life.

(Associated Press via Illinois Newsroom)