Good Reads: 2/19/20

It’s fun to be good again

Illini fans were starting to wonder if that seven-game winning streak was a fluke. Don’t be afraid, folks. We are, in fact, good. Or at least Ayo is good.

The 200 Level was recording for the entire second half, and you can listen to their full episode here.

Here are some important twitter reactions:

Who’s on your ballot: DeShawn Williams for County Board District 6

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Showerstradamus strikes again

Last week it was announced that the City of Champaign would address its (obviously predatory) underage drinking fine.

This made an appearance in Good Reads back in October.

Another one!

Why The Illinois Primary Matters

(The 21st)

Health district revokes space for His Kid’s Closet over ‘messes,’ inconsistent staffing

It is my understanding that we need more community operations that provide clothes to those in need, not less. Woof.

Indiana Beach closes for business

This theme song/jingle will be forever burned into my memory:

(Michael Johnson / News-Gazette)

Blago got out of prison

I think I can safely speak for every Illinoisian when I say…what? This doesn’t make a lick of sense. Blago is pretty much universally hated here – even in one of the most partisan statehouses in the country, he was impeached on a 117-1 vote.

It was even enough to make Rod Davis break from his usual pro-Trump position on any given issue:

So that’s where ol’ Rodney (and the gang) chooses to draw the line in the sand huh? Interesting choice.

Also, Blago’s looking objectively good. Seems like he hit the weight room since he’s been in the joint:

There’s a boycott of Kam’s brewing

Leaked group texts revealed racist conversations from employees. Wish I could say I was surprised that campus bar culture was like this, but I’m not.