A moral victory unlike any other

Only kidding. It was a low scoring game. The Illini looked competent for pretty much all of it. So there’s that, I guess.

Looking back at the schedule, one can’t help but think the Illini could very well be a tournament team if only we had knocked off Georgetown, Xavier, Missouri, Notre Dame, Northwestern, and – the grandaddy of them all – Florida Atlantic. All of those teams are ranked below the Illini in the KenPom rankings now. Ugh.

As much as I want to stan the Illini and see them in the NCAA Tournament at all costs, it really is based on a holistic resume, and they sure did underwhelm for the first half (more?) of the season. Please spare me the argument that we deserve a slot.

Oh well here are some highlights:

And here’s a cool Ayo gif.

Pro-Chief group plans event for Saturday’s game

I honestly feel sad for Chief supporters who just can’t let go of the minstrel show. On Saturday they’re joining forces with renown student org Turning Point USA (whose Communications Director recently imparted this gem) for another one of those dumb Chief events, kind of like Voltron but with a hyper-right-wing tilt.

Here’s a pro-tip. Listen close:

If Turning Point USA is advocating for your cause, it’s probably a tell-tale sign that your cause is bad.

But we already knew that.

Illinois has the cheapest beer in the country


(Alice Bazerghi / Chicago Sun-Times)

See Smino on Thursday

Believe in yourself.

New Legislative Package Aims To Protect Mahomet Aquifer

Overall I’d say I’m a fan of having the ability to drink clean water from our aquifer. Nice.

(Anna Casey / Illinois Public Media)

Coming soon? Illinois hoping to make a decision on NCAA D-I program ‘in April or May’

(Dean Spiros / USCHO)

‘Let’s face it: This is probably going to happen’

Nice pessimistic headline, News-Gazette. I wonder what Jim Dey’s gonna do when cannabis becomes legal.

Here’s the video of the forum if you want to watch it.

(Tim Mitchell / News-Gazette)

It’s gonna ice again.


Comfort food for herbivores at Bunny’s

Don’t really post food articles but this is an exception because apparently Bunny’s has enough vegetarian food to necessitate an article, which comes as a surprise.

(Jordan Goebig / Smile Politely)

CS hit 400 likes on Facebook

To celebrate here’s a tune from YG 400 and Cardi B.