The Illini are the best GOD DAMN 9-WIN TEAM IN BASKETBALL

Three in a row! Next up is Ohio State on the road on Thursday. Yikes. The KenPom line is +9 for the Illini.


Realistically, is there any chance that our team could still make March Madness? from r/UIUC



The NIT is still on the table though

How has this restaurant on Green St. not been sued by Disney yet?

It’s a bold move.

Mayor Feinen Issues Emergency Order for Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day

You know what they say:

Nothing will keep those kids from drinking like some good ol’ fashioned LEGISLATION!

(City of Champaign)

Not sure what marijuana has to do with this arrest, News-Gazette

The headline reads “Police: Officer smelled pot, saw empty gun case,” but none of the charges involve marijuana.

It’s irrelevant and doesn’t belong in the headline. It’s an antiquated practice that attempts to connect marijuana to potentially violent crime, which is a right-wing pipe dream at best.

(Tim MItchell / News-Gazette)

Tom’s #Mailbag, Feb. 8, 2019

Why does this article have a hashtag in the headline? Regardless, lots of good local info in here.

(Tom Kacich / News-Gazette)

Daily reminder that Bruce Weber is still good

Here are some Illini basketball memes

At least they’re legitimately happy memes and in no way self-deprecating.

Here’s an entire article devoted to someone in C-U who bought a pink Cadillac

Cool, I guess?

(Jim Rossow / News-Gazette)

Cubs Ownership Has a Racism Problem

Dave Zirin has this great podcast called Edge of Sports where he dives in to how sports intertwines with political issues.

Last week, leaked emails revealed some pretty nasty opinions espoused by the Owner of the Chicago Cubs, Joe Ricketts.

Baseball is a bad sport, but this podcast is not.

Fire Chief Proposes Giant Flag To Fly Over Paxton


(Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media)

Illini Men’s Hoops Power Rankings: Streaking in February

(Will Leitch / Smile Politely)