Good Reads: 12/4/19

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So the Illini suck at two sports now, what’s that all about?

Just kidding. A 6-6 football record is objectively trending in the positive direction. A bowl game is an over-achievement. But still, we spent three hours of our lives watching this game last Saturday, and we’ll never be getting it back:

Basketball, on the other hand, might actually be bad. Or at least sub-par.

This interactive map shows new and pending infrastructure developments in Champaign

You can waste a lot of time on this fun tool, and keep an eye on the Garden Hills drainage improvements.

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Count them in: 105 days until March primary


(Debra Pressey / News-Gazette)

Top Ten Fake Rallies of the Brad Underwood Era

Nothing says modern-day Illini basketball like the words “fake rally”

(Thumpasaurus / The Champaign Room)

Champaign man gets 3 years for chest-bumping police officer

There’s a lot going on here, but apparently:

“When the officers told him he could not leave, his demeanor got meaner, Dedman said, and he tried to walk away as the officers continued to tell him to stop.

As he walked off, he pushed past one of the officers and bumped chests with him, Dedman said.”

So this person got three years for brushing past an officer? What?

(Mary Schenk / News-Gazette)

Central beat Decatur Eisenhower on a last second shot last night

It was Punkay’s second buzzer-beater of the year. Here’s the first one:

For those keeping score at home, State Farm Center does NOT pump in fake sound for games

What kind of snot-nosed Twitter user would ever assume such a thing?

I’ll go ahead and hold the L on this one. They do mic the band, however, which I feel is still borderline.

Flash Index Shows Continued Illinois Economic Growth In November

(Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media)

Savoy: No-go on pot?


(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

C-U Monthly Weather Review: November 2019

It’s winter now.

(Andrew Pritchard / Smile Politely)

UI students returning from break run into Wi-Fi problems on campus


Why does this keep happening? from r/UIUC

(Julie Wurth / News-Gazette)

Here’s a cool clock

I made myself a clock with an engraved map of Champaign-Urbana. Thought I’d share. from r/UIUC