You should pay attention to Champaign Central’s Khailieo Terry

Khailieo Terry, a 6’5 sophomore (!) from Champaign Central High School, has a bright future ahead of him. He gained some notoriety locally last year for his youth and effortless dunking ability, but if I know anything about sports (I’m a casual observer at best), I’d say that he has the potential to be the best local basketball recruit since Jay Simpson (who left Central for La Lumiere Academy) was recruited by Purdue or maybe even since Verdell Jones went to Indiana? I’m sure I’m forgetting someone.

Maybe Brunderwood will come calling soon. Maybe he won’t. Either way it’s a pretty good excuse to make it out to Combes Gym to watch Terry seemingly fly. I’d say he averages around 1.5 wild dunks a game.

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‘Violence interrupters’ get first training in effort to help curb shootings

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Illini Men’s Hoops Power Rankings: Braggin’ Rights game has arrived

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Will Leitch, founder of Deadspin and all-around great sports journalist originally from Mattoon, has penned a thoughtful dive into Illini basketball’s rough start to the season for his semi-regular stint as a basketball contributor for Smile Politely. It’s worth your time.

American Airlines adds service to Charlotte from Willard Airport

The flight starts today. Now you can fly from C-U to not only one destination, but TWO! This is a game changer, folks. (/s)

Yesterday’s saga about Illinois’ recruiting Chicago continued today

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Happy holidays!

Bad take:

Good take:

These are (allegedly) the best food items/places in Champaign-Urbana for 2018

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Today is National Signing Day in college football

Ugh. These rankings were taking from 247Sports at 11:15 am.

The only Big Ten school we’re beating is Maryland, which is currently going through a massive amount of turmoil following the bungled firing of DJ Durkin.