News Outlets Call University Of Illinois Policy A Reporter Gag Order

That’s what it is. But the University seems intent on digging their heels in.

(Vivian McCall / Illinois Public Media)

U of I Touts Sexual Harassment Reforms, Implementation Still Unclear

One would want to think these reforms will come swiftly and transparently, but recent history would tell a different story…

(Rachel Otwell / Illinois Public Media)

Urbana’s corn mascot (yes, you read that right) has social accounts now

Remarkable. I’m way into it.

He’s not really about that action tho

Here’s how you can learn a foreign language in C-U in January

(Julie McClure / Smile Politely)

Urbana’s plan to raise food and beverage tax has some business owners feeling drained

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

I hope you’re grateful for these six badass shows this weekend

This is a great weekend for live music in C-U, and here’s a great breakdown of it.

P.S. why is this headline so aggressive/condescending lol

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20/20 is airing a feature on the kidnapping of Yingying Zhang tonight

It airs tonight from 8-10 on ABC.

It’s Friday

Walking into the weekend like

Took this photo on Monday near Funk library. from r/UIUC

(Featured photo from Reddit user u/9bombs)