UI athletic director in line for raise, contract extension

It’s amazing what a bowl game can do, init?

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The U of I releases an entire press release about their commitment to the free press; simultaneously continues to bar reporters from investigating the University

This was probably in response to yesterday’s New York Times article and really boils down to something pretty simple:

The University is being investigated because there has been a pattern of un-addressed misconduct. There are numerous cases that have come out just over the past year, many of them making national news.

Because the reporter doing the investigation is from a University-funded media source (WUIS in Springfield), the University is citing a law out-of-context (mandated reporting, which is a good and necessary law) to prevent this reporter from keeping any of her findings confidential, and instead, informing the University any time a tip is received.

But by failing to exempt journalists from this law, the U of I is also failing to recognize two points

1 – the U of I’s track record of handling these events internally is, and I can’t overstate this, *atrocious*. Just read some of the national news stories from this year. The reason that there are investigations in the first place is because the U of I handled them poorly.

2 – it seems pretty clear that the motivation behind this is to keep more stories from coming out. If they truly valued a free press, as they espouse in the release below, then they would let a great journalist conduct her important investigation, even if it makes the University look bad or incompetent. That’s literally what a free press does.

Something here doesn’t add up.

And it isn’t just me, the ACLU is getting involved too:

How the exorbitant cost of insulin affects Illinoisans

The good news is that the Illinois House passed a law to cap insulin costs yesterday.

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Clark Park continues to fight against building of giant houses

I’m not the authority on this issue but it does seem pretty ridiculous that old, modestly-sized-and-scaled homes (and big old trees!) are routinely torn down to construct giant McMansion monstrosities with three-car garages on the front.

Related image

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Here’s How 2 Schools Have Made Free College Work — For Decades

This is a great listen from NPR about how two Kentucky colleges, Berea College and Alice Lloyd College, found a way to sustainably provided free need-based tuition.

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Piatt Country tried to raise taxes during a borderline-secret meeting yesterday

On some real House of Cards type shit.

The dog hero proposed to his girlfriend on Ellen

The pride of Champaign. :,)

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The U of I Board of Trustees is meeting today in Chicago, here’s what they’re talking about

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What drives collisions in Champaign County: Causes of crashes revealed

Just in case you were wondering

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I, too, would like to know

where the salt at from r/UIUC
Free ice skate on the quad last night! from r/UIUC

Campus is just one giant sheet of ice. Some are saying its size is (was?) on-par with the Antarctic ice sheet. Hard to say, but I’d believe it.

(Featured photo from Reddit user u/9bombs)