Champaign weighing $50,000 contribution to bid for IHSA boys’ basketball tournament

Worth it, imo.

(Ben Zigterman / News-Gazette)

Merger Urger: State Senator Pushes Consolidation

This is a big issue in rural America and is only going to get bigger. Small towns are often attached to their schools as a source of community and pride, and the notion of consolidating schools is unthinkable for many in small towns across central Illinois.

But at a certain point that stubbornness starts to adversely affect students and the opportunities they have. This is a great story about that.

(Dusty Rhodes / Illinois Public Media)

Update on the layoffs at The News-Gazette

49 total layoffs at the largest journalism operation in central Illinois. Gross. Yikes.

It’s winter now.


A brand new episode of The 200 Level came out today

Here’s a sad story

Last July, our beloved Rep. Rodney Davis was a guest of President Donald Trump when he paid a visit to Granite City, home of a steel mill that Trump took credit for bringing back to life.

Davis was quick to take credit, as well, touting the President’s economic agenda and commitment to reviving America’s working-class (while cutting taxes for the wealthy).

But today, this happened. At the same plant.

Think Rodney will take credit for that, too?

Former Illini Chase McLaughlin had a wild Monday Night Football game last night

It was the best of times:

But when it came time to hit the game-winner, it was the worst of times:

Dossey family donates $5 million to Ubben project

I, too, am accepting $5 million donations.

(Matt Daniels / News-Gazette)

Frats are bad

(Daily Illini)

As Illinois Prepares To Legalize Pot, Public Housing Tenants Not Allowed To Partake

This is bad.

(Vanessa Romo / Illinois Public Media)

The College Football subreddit did a deep dive on what it would take for Illinois to get to the Big Ten Championship

They crunched the numbers, folks.

With 3 Weeks Left in the Season, 6-4 Illinois Can Still Win the Big Ten Title from r/CFB