As Illinois bill advances, NCAA takes steps to allow student-athletes to profit off name, image

This, while being morally responsible in terms of compensation, also means that we might get a college football video game back relatively soon. Which in turn means we’ll be able to make Illini football into a (digital) juggernaut.

The Governor came out in support of the bill yesterday.

The University of Illinois, however, does not (officially) want this change to happen (read: they do not want a new college football video game), presumably because they hate fun or are cowards. Take your pick.

Either way, this won’t age well for them, and not just because of the video game.

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Decatur School Teaching Assistants On Strike

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Crime is bad, yeah, but this might be the most amazing local story of the year

Iconic. Remarkable.

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Here’s a great picture of yesterday’s fog

Here at Showers we seek to be your #1 stop for fog-related content, starting now.

I know most of this page is shitposts and memes but I wanted to share this somewhere 🤷🏻‍♀️ from r/UIUC

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I guess you can watch the Grand Canyon game on 49.1 here in town if you know how to work an antenna.

Here’s a neat feature on the Urbana house originally constructed for the Solar Decathlon

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2019 trick-or-treat hours



Is Illini football good now?

Mike and Harry discuss on the latest episode of The 200 Level, which came out yesterday.

Ugh pt. 2

Maybe we can’t be trusted with scooters after all.

When university students come together, amazing things can happen. from r/UIUC

I was on I Have To Ask… this week

You can stream it here.